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14 Sally forth on Arizona’s best Sunday road trip: Sonoita.

Second St., Winslow, 928-289-2888,, and Desert Rain Cafe (Tohono Plaza, Main St., Sells, 520-383-4918, We’re not just rooting for the underdog; sometimes the most famous isn’t the best.

And Aqui Con El Nene, the little Tucson food truck that could, is converting droves of devotees away from traditional champ El Güero Canelo.

You don’t need a De Lorean to travel to 1955; just pop into these retro diners on the Mother Road. Go full-throttle poodle skirt at Twisters 50s Soda Fountain (417 E. Then take it into turquoise trim and extra-malt overdrive at Mr. Andy Devine Ave., Kingman, 928-718-0066, Her thoachta (healing) sessions at Sheraton Wild Horse Pass’ Aji Spa begin with a couch consultation. Wild Horse Pass Blvd., Chandler, 602-225-0100, 5 Spend the night at the Titan Missile Museum.

Ease into the era with breakfast at Dar’s Route 66 Diner (107 W. She’ll intuit your body’s balance of earthly elements, massage you with nose-tingling creosote balm, release your body’s negative emotions, then discuss your spiritual state and perhaps foretell your future. In this underground silo, Cold War-era Air Force members had their fingers poised over the key that would unlock atomic armageddon.

Think of Sky Harbor Airport’s Terminal 4 as a food festival that happens every day.

If you’re traveling, the world of local eateries behind the security checkpoints is your oyster: Barrio Cafe, Delux, Matt’s Big Breakfast, the list goes on.

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And his late-night ramen specials proved so popular he slid them to regular hours every Tuesday and debuted a ramen punch-card: Buy 12 ramens, get the 13th free.And a tramp though a tangled vale of grapevines leads to Havasu’s promised land: Beaver Falls, languidly spilling over a series of teal Raft the Grand Canyon with a Ph. On the state’s ultimate field trip, your raft doubles as an open-air classroom, with a world-renowned river historian, National Geographic photographer, archaeological ace or yoga sage as your professor. But your Arizona membership dues aren't current until you tap our definitive list of uniquely AZ-centric events and experiences, from primeval chimichangas to the state's most exclusive river hike. You even installed your own backyard misting system.But opening this year are Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles, Joe’s Real BBQ, America’s Taco Shop and more.