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Only women get a say on it: they can surf and select the meek male prey of their choice.‘Adopt-a-guy’ was created by the geek and flirt expert duo Florent Steiner and Manuel Conejo.

Were the concept to be reversed and men were ‘adopting a chick’, we’d be screaming scandal.

'It’s fine' to treat a man as an object for once, especially when we have their consent and adjusted sense of humour for the situation.

And meeting a girl this way is better because she would know me less well, as we wouldn’t have spent hours talking online.’The boys who surf ‘Adopt’ share a very pragmatic vision of the site.

David feels men are always ‘treated like objects’, whilst Jules finds that the portal is very much a reflection of our era, where there must be far worse out there. ‘It does a good job of placing us in our sexual and sentimental relations today, where meeting people has become a very industrialised notion.’ It’s a black vision of this generation Y everyone is always harping on about; all you need to be today is ‘hype’ for a young girl to lust after you in all legitimacy.

It’s a place for the girls to exercise their own power of seduction.

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The girls get first and only digs: they decide whether they will be meeting up with Bogoss78 () or Misterlove.Men are presented as products and are graded by girls for their assets – be it in massage, DIY or culinary skills – and their ‘accessories’ (a double bed, or a car for example).‘Adopt’ knows it is being tongue-in-cheek.

They angled their own vision of young, urban types who were looking for a bit of everything: a date for the night, a serious relationship or a bit of a flirt.‘Of course' he adds, his longest relationships have been with girls that he has met IRL (in real life).That little ‘of course’ is a nod to nights out at bars, office couplings or dating mutual friends.'In a way it’s almost more respectful than how it usually plays out in real life or in a club'Maxime is a former 'Adopt' user who says he found love on the website.I mean clearly we prefer to ‘go shopping’ than hunt for boys.Girls of our age alternate between finding the perfect man who is adorned with all of the things that make him on our mental lists, and a light irony on life, seeing as we know all too well that Prince Charming only existed for Cinderella – although probably our grandmothers did not agree.In any case the site is one of the biggest French internet successes in the past few years.